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About BS EN 12101:8 smoke control dampers (AOV’s)

With CPR becoming mandatory in the UK and Ireland at the beginning of July 2013 designers, developers and builders are now obliged to use Genuine CE marked products in all aspects of smoke management control systems.

Introducing the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) replaced the Construction Products Directive in 2011. The CPR was formally published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 4th April 2011, with the first part of the Regulation coming into force shortly after its publication. But, however, the greatest impact of the new legislation has been felt from 1st July 2013. The introduction of the CPR means that CE marking is mandatory in every EU member country for all products that are to be placed on the EU market within the scope of harmonised European Standards (hENs).

The Construction Products regulation states that all products within the scope of a mandated European Norm (EN) have to be CE marked. An important differentiating feature of the CPR is that life safety products such as Smoke Control dampers have to be third party tested and approved by an independent third party – a Notified Body.

This legislation applies equally to both domestic and commercial fire products.

Typical applications of smoke control dampers

Naturally ventilated shaft – Where buildings are less than 18 metres high smoke control systems are designed to keep the means of escape routes clear from smoke. Protected lobbies or corridors are provided at each level entry to the escape stairs. Where an external wall is not available in these protected lobbies and corridors, a single vertical shaft is provided to the full height of the building which is connected to each ventilated lobby by means of a Smoke Control Damper providing efficient smoke evacuation when open and maintaining the fire compartment when closed.

Fire fighting shafts – Building regulations require firefighting access in all buildings. Where there are floor levels 18 metres or more above Fire service entry point and or basements lower than 10 metres, then firefighting shafts are required with ventilated firefighting lobbies. Where there is no external wall available a vertical shaft is provided to the full height of the building which is connected to each firefighting lobby by means of a Smoke Control Damper providing efficient smoke evacuation when open and maintaining the fire compartment when closed.

Mechanical smoke shafts – Fan assisted smoke venting systems of commercial and residential buildings. Mechanical ventilation systems remove smoke from a building using Fire resistant shafts and fans, rather than relying on natural airflow, to provide a clear means of escape for occupants and access for fire rescue services. Avantage and Kamouflage Dampers are utilised to connect ventilated lobbies to these smoke shafts providing efficient smoke evacuation when open whilst maintaining the fire compartments when closed. Avantage and Kamouflage Smoke Control Dampers (AOVs) are essential components in any mechanical smoke management system including the following categories:
Mechanical Extract, Natural Inlet
Mechanical Extract, Mechanical Inlet

Pressurisation – Creating and maintaining higher pressure, within escape routes and firefighting shafts, than the pressure in adjacent spaces will protect against smoke ingress to these areas. Air release vents from the affected fire floor are required. Smoke Control Dampers can be applied to these systems when the air release discharges into Natural or Mechanical shafts.

Gaseous fire suppression systems – Dampers are required to close on emergency to help maintain the enclosure integrity in containing the agent discharge. The low leakage rates of the Avantage damper makes the product suitable for use in Gaseous fire suppression systems, in the case of electrical risk situations such as electronic data processing facilities, control rooms and communications equipment as well as flammable liquid fires in plant enclosures and liquid stores.

Why use our products?

Using smoke evacuation products supplied by Smoke Control Dampers Limited will not only help protect and save lives, it will give the Architect and Consultant alike another level of confidence when specifying these fire safety products.

As somebody specifying or installing these products you not only have access to the only correctly certified products available in the UK right now but also to an experienced team who can provide expert advice on their installation, performance suitability and use.

We are able to provide drawings illustrating the recommended fixing detail for the installation of our Avantage and Kamouflage products to common fire compartment walls, in particular smoke extract shafts for evacuating smoke from protected lobbies, scenarios which are all within the scope of the products certification.

If there is any doubt concerning the suitability of a compartment wall construction we recommend that approval of detail be first verified with the local building control officer. Smoke Control Dampers Limited are willing to assist and offer advice on any specific shaft wall construction and compartment penetration seal.