BS EN12101-8 Smoke Control Dampers are the only real choice for your lobby to shaft ventilators whether for natural or mechanical smoke management systems.

With the implementation of the construction products regulation in July 2013 all construction products covered by a harmonised European standard must bear a genuine CE mark.

To satisfy the prerequisites of CE marking Smoke Control dampers must be tested and certified in accordance with British standard BS EN12101-8. This entails the products undergoing new fire tests according to British standard BS EN1366-10 as well as durability tests including response time and reliability of mechanical operation. One important test of the standard is the smoke leakage. The Avantage and Kamouflage smoke control dampers were tested and rated at the highest pressure levels of 1500 Pa ambient and 500 Pa during fire testing which illustrate the products superior air tightness and fire resistance.

Both the Avantage and Kamouflage products offer fire resistance of 60 and 120 minutes and ensure minimum pressure loss.

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Avantage is a 1 and 2 hour fire resistant smoke control damper (AOV) which are suitable for multi-compartment applications of smoke control such as lobby to smoke shaft ventilators. It is completed with a decorative silver anodised aluminium grille on the front.

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Kamouflage smoke control damper (AOV) is truly unique in its ability to be disguised within the compartment walls of common areas. Its outer face consists of a plasterboard panel enabling finishes to be applied to match adjacent wall finish, colour and texture.

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